• About us:



    Tubtuc is a professional trade centre and marketing organization; representing overseas manufacturer to our markets.


    Tubtuc has been established since 1999 and during the last decade we could prove our business activities; which have been guided by ideas of Reliability, Quality and Best services.

    Oil, Gas and Petrochemical  


    Pneumatic conveying system, silos, bagging and complete logistic system , sulphur solidification and handling system , high pressure piping material

    (pipes, fittings, valves and pumps) and also bulk piping material.



    Chemical industries


    Providing most of the chemical and additives for chemical and petrochemical industries. Also we can provide the films material for bagging machine and shrink and wrap.








    Food Industries


    Bagging, Freezing ( IQF), drying, cooling and granulation of all kind of commodity.



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